Evaluating HPS Through The Exploratory Process

It is usually agreed that decisions about the future should be based on what has been learned from the past.  When applying this philosophy to the Seva exploratory process, our goal is that the member will be able to bridge the gap between past performance and future savings by recognizing that what is important about the exploratory results are not only the demonstrated savings at a historical point in time, but rather that these results validate the overall Seva proagram that made these savings possible. Even though product needs will change over time, Seva’s demonstrated competencies will not. 

Preliminary Strategy Development

During the first phase, Seva Procurement will collect high-level vendor summary information so that we can present you with the anticipated savings from Seva participation. This information will include initial savings estimates for each supplier contained on the vendor summary report and indicate whether the savings are dependent on a supplier change. Using this information, your team can determine whether the savings are sufficient to move to the next phase, as well as whether the Seva suppliers align with organizational requirements.

Key Personnel Meeting, Operational Review & Scope Agreement

The second gate in the exploratory process is an on-site meeting that has four objectives.

  • A key personnel meeting to review with your team how the Seva program works and the benefits of membership.
  • An operational review to better understand departmental procurement requirements specific to your property that will be used in the solutions development phase.
  • Agreement on the scope of suppliers that will be included in the exploratory process.
  • The copying and collection of physical invoices for all suppliers that will be included in the exploratory process.


Solutions Development & Benchmarking Analysis

The final stage in the exploratory process is the development of the Benchmarking Analysis and Solutions Plan, which is based on the agreed upon scope and supplier data collected during the previous phases. These documents will communicate to the potential member the savings that would have been generated through program participation during the time period analyzed, as well as the expected, future savings. The goal of these documents will be to meet or exceed the supplier and savings expectations previously established.