Industry Segments Served

HPS specializes in supply chain and procurement management for the Foodservice, Hospitality and Lodging industries, with a niche focus on independent, boutique, luxury and resort hospitality properties.  After reviewing the HPS comprehensive suite of services, we believe you will discover exactly why HPS is the only procurement services organization that will not only lower your product costs, but will also improve product consistency, increase profitability and enhance the guest experience–all while strengthening your unique brand identify.

Independent, Resort, Luxury & Boutique Hospitality

Unlike other hospitality procurement organizations, HPS specializes in servicing the independent, luxury, boutique and resort segments.  We have become the procurement services leader in this niche through continued focus in four key areas:

1) a portfolio of supplier programs that meet the needs of the elite hospitality operator,

2) technology solutions that streamline purchasing and accounting for complex hotel organizations,

3) the flexibility for members to customize the HPS solutions to meet their particular requirements, and

4) the support that comes from a hands-on account management team.

This multi-tiered focus means that every one of our members receives a customized, comprehensive procurement solution, not a generic Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) "book of deals."  Membership in HPS begins with a detailed exploratory process, during which out team will work with leadership and department heads to understand the culture and objectives of an organization or property so that any ultimate solution is tailored to these needs.  

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Hospitality Management Companies

HPS is the industry leader in procurement services for hotel management companies.  We recognize that a significant challenge for hotel management companies is the need to continually improve value and profitability for hotel property owners, while reducing the complexity of managing properties with a diverse supplier makeup and frequently changing property personnel.  Supplier fragmentation not only increases product costs, but also accounting complexity resulting from the vast number of vendors.  By consolidating suppliers across the entire hotel management company portfolio, aligned behind best-in-nation supplier contracts, you will be able to utilize the necessary scale to lower costs across the portfolio and provide value to each owner.  

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Branded Full Service Hospitality

HPS excels at providing procurement solutions for both non-branded and branded full service hotel properties.  Unlike select service hotels, branded full service hospitality has a higher degree of product and supplier flexibility, especially in food & beverage.  While this flexibility creates more ways to differentiate your property, it also creates additional ways to increase costs, decrease efficiencies and jeopardize product consistency and brand integrity.  Branded full service hotels will benefit from HPSs extensive understanding of brand standards and requirements that enable us to know exactly where additional value outside of brand programs can be found.  Additionally, branded full service hotels are typically characterized by a higher number of hotel amenities and management personnel, all of which increase organization complexity.  With the HPSNet e-Procurement platform, full service properties will be able to streamline the purchasing process, all while reducing product and supplier costs by as much as 20%.

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Multi-Unit Select Service Hospitality

The HPS Procurement solution for limited service hotel operators is designed to provide “best-in-nation” pricing on all products required by limited service hotel operators. With experience in all hotel brands, HPS has optimized our supplier contracts to ensure we are able to deliver best-in-nation pricing on your required products, and because of our experience with branded select service hotels, our team knows exactly where value can be provided while maintaining your brand standards.  While franchisor programs may provide value on "hard-spec," proprietary products, don't waste those savings by paying too much on all of your non-price controlled products and services.  As a HPS member, you will find tremendous savings on non-controlled products and services, as well as products that have brand specification requirements, but without brand-mandated pricing.



Private Jet Catering

With our specialization in luxury and boutique hospitality properties, HPS manages procurement for leading hotels across the country.  Our unique focus on this hospitality niche is reflected in the quality and reputation of the suppliers we contract with and are available to all members.  Nowhere is this specialization more noticeable than in our food and beverage offerings, providing elite operators with access to leading purveyors of regional meat, seafood, dairy and produce, along with access to national broadline, paper, chemical and smallware suppliers.   With our exacting standards, it did not take long before our reach extended beyond just the elite hotel operator.  As a private jet catering company, you will find that the same standards that your elite guests expect to find at their final destination are available to them in-flight.

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Top-Tier Foodservice Management

If you run a prison or low-end cafeteria, HPS Procurement is not the solution for you.  However, for foodservice management companies that cater to elite and demanding guests, there is no better choice than HPS Procurement.  With our contracting focus on suppliers that provide high quality goods and services and a specialization on food and beverage suppliers that meet the needs of the most demanding chefs, HPS solutions will not only lower your cost of goods, but improve your product quality and consistency.  

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Multi-Unit Restaurants

Let your chefs focus on crafting exquisite dishes and your managers on creating moments of magic for your guests--and let HPS manage supplier negotiations and contracts, along with price auditing to ensure each invoice aligns with contract terms.  Additionally, rest assured with HPS's strict quality assurance requirements that help protect your brand and business.  With best-in-nation contracts with national broadline distributors, as well as regional meat seafood and produce suppliers, HPS can provide your restaurants with access to the nation's best suppliers at highly leveraged prices.  Additionally, the flexiblity of the HPS program ensures that your Chefs will only need to utilize those suppliers that meet their exacting standards.  If a supplier in HPS's portfolio doesn't meet these standards, our contracting team will execute a custom contract to ensure that all of your product category needs are controlled by a supply chain contract.

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