Comprehensive Hotel Purchasing Solutions

The Seva team recognizes that there are a number of choices available to the hospitality operator looking to increase financial performance and guest satisfaction through improved procurement practices.  Among these choices, Seva has established itself as a powerful alternative to the hotel procurement solutions that mandate property compliance on products selected using a “greatest good for the greatest number” philosophy.  Alternatively, if an operator is simply looking for a cookie-cutter purchasing club or group purchasing organization (GPO) that markets rebates on products that properties may or may not purchase as the primary program value, the comprehensive Seva solution may very well be overkill.  While these solutions may work for certain hospitality and lodging segments, the Seva Procurement solution is designed to be both powerful and flexible, meeting the specific needs of the elite hospitality operator.  Seva Procurement specializes in supply chain and procurement management for the hospitality and lodging industry, with a niche focus on independent, boutique, luxury and resort hospitality properties.  After reviewing Seva’s comprehensive suite of services, we believe you will discover exactly why Seva is the only procurement services organization that will not only lower your product costs, but will also improve product consistency, increase profitability and enhance the guest experience–all while strengthening your unique brand identify.

Powerful and User-friendly e-Procurement & Spend Intelligence Technology

While selecting Seva Procurement is the natural choice for any hospitality operator looking for cutting-edge and powerful technology solutions, Seva believes that technology is only a means to an end that should enable operators and property personnel to create happier guests and improved financial statements.  With this in mind, the SevaNet technology platform provides operators with a multi-supplier, web-based order portal, inventory management software, AP systems integration, purchase order approval workflows and spend management reports.   In the end, Seva enables operators to gain control over a fragmented purchasing process, communicate efficiently with suppliers, meet financial objectives and analyze past performance.

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Hospitality Procurement Expertise for the Hospitality Industry Elite

Seva recognizes that if we want to provide powerful procurement solutions to hospitality operators, we need to be a hospitality-focused company.  In keeping with this, Seva limits membership to to the hospitality and foodservice industries to avoid diluting our supplier programs, operational focus and market segment expertise.  Additionally, Seva’s membership growth objectives are concentrated almost exclusively on the independent, luxury, resort and boutique hospitality segments, ensuring that our programs and expertise are designed for the specific needs of these elite operators–clearly establishing Seva as the procurement leader among this highly exclusive hospitality niche.  While a critical component of the Seva program value is a reduction in the cost of goods and services for our members, it is equally important to recognize that the Seva program is not simply a “book of supplier deals,”  but rather a comprehensive solution that incorporates highly-leveraged and customized supplier programs with Seva’s hands-on, dedicated member services and support teams–the collection of which is known as the Seva Procurement Advisory Program.

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Contracted Supplier Programs that Meet the Needs of the Boutique, Luxury & Resort Hospitality Industry

Seva understands our responsibility to deliver contracted programs on a wide range of products to ensure comprehensive category coverage for all of our members.  From uniforms to copy paper, fresh wild grouper to locally-sourced produce and Egyptian cotton linen to hair dryers, Seva Procurement provides programs to meet the operational needs of the elite hospitality property.  Not only does our niche focus, volume and expertise provide our members with the best pricing on top quality products and services, but our supplier relationships provide members with an expanded portfolio of high-end custom solutions and choices that would not otherwise be accessible to the hospitality operator.  Of course, not everything needs to be a custom solution and Seva members have access to thousands of highly leveraged supplier and manufacturer programs right out of the gate that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the hospitality elite.

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