Hospitality Procurement Expertise for the Hospitality Industry Elite

Seva recognizes that if we want to provide powerful procurement solutions to hospitality operators, we need to be a hospitality-focused company.  In keeping with this, Seva limits membership to to the hospitality and foodservice industries to avoid diluting our supplier programs, operational focus and market segment expertise.  Additionally, Seva’s membership growth objectives are concentrated almost exclusively on the independent, luxury, resort and boutique hospitality segments, ensuring that our programs and expertise are designed for the specific needs of these elite operators–clearly establishing Seva as the procurement leader among this highly exclusive hospitality niche.  While a critical component of the Seva program value is a reduction in the cost of goods and services for our members, it is equally important to recognize that the Seva program is not simply a “book of supplier deals,”  but rather a comprehensive solution that incorporates highly-leveraged and customized supplier programs with Seva’s hands-on, dedicated member services and support teams–the collection of which is known as the Seva Procurement Advisory Program.


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