Contracted Supplier Solutions

The heart of the HPS solution is the portfolio of supplier programs that lower the total cost of goods and services by as much as 20% for our members, while respecting the diversity of product needs among our properties.  HPS understands that products and suppliers right for one property may be wrong for another and unlike a group purchasing organization (GPO) that services customers from all business segments–both hospitality and non-hospitality, our solution is designed specifically for the elite hospitality operator.  Because the independent, luxury, boutique and resort hospitality segment represents our primary membership base, the underlying managed product mix and aggregate volume used by our contracting teams when negotiating contracts results in supplier programs designed specifically for this segment, with most new members discovering that our solutions meet or exceed standards on the majority of their purchasing needs right out of the gate.  Specifically, we find that 65-75% of new member property spend fits easily into our existing programs, either because a member’s current suppliers are contracted by HPS or because the comparable supplier is considered an acceptable alternative by the new member and their departmental personnel.  


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